Monday, December 3, 2018

You Can't Force Love by Marie Drake - Excerpt #10

Author: Marie Drake  
Publisher: RedBird Books
Pages: 286  
Genre: Realistic Fiction

“A battered butterfly, he’d build Kimberly up, nurture her strength and watch her return to flight. He repressed the visions dancing in the back of his mind; her naked body brandished red flags and spurred him to stampede. Bulls and butterflies did not mix.”

Jordan Fry’s obsession is born in “You Can’t Force Love” by Marie Drake, Book I in the Locked Hearts Series.

From different towns and social backgrounds, Jordan Fry and Kimberly Orvine experience life-altering abuse, lose a parent and land in the same foster home. Angry, and self-deprecating, fiery redheaded Kimberly is deadset on lousy behavior and suffering the consequences, punishing herself for former sins. Scared by his inner darkness, pyromaniac Jordan has vowed to change for the better. He focuses on Kimberly as the key to his success, but she intends to make him break his promises. Unaware of Jordan’s atrocious actions in the past, she’s dangerously close to unleashing the evil he struggles to contain during their epic battle of wills. Can they both survive?



Book Excerpt #10 -

“Don’t cry. It’s for the best,” Paul said.

“Jordan, come here, please,” Debbie called.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I was angry—”

“You made a horrendous mistake; you scared Rhonda,” Debbie admonished. “You’re aware of the possible consequences; you remember, don’t you?”

“I remember.”

“I’m grounding you; bring me your Nintendo.” Jordan disconnected his game and relinquished it to his mother. “Paul will keep it safe,” she said.

“There’s nothing else to do,” Jordan argued.

“Read a book or study for your finals. Clean and pack the stuff in your room for starters,” Debbie said. Jordan scuffed his feet to his bedroom.  The back door creaked opened and closed; he dipped toward the window and lifted the corner of his blue curtain.  Paul opened the trunk, tossed Jordan’s game inside, slammed it shut, and smirked. He cupped a cigarette and lighter with his hand, drew a few puffs and flicked it to the ground. Jordan belly flopped on the bed, kicked his feet, and pummeled his pillow.


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Award-winning author, Marie Drake lives in a small town near Lake Ontario with her husband, four sons, and three rescue pups. With many years of experience in the Foster Care community and advocating for other victims and survivors, she specializes in realistic and psychological fiction depicting the lives of abuse sufferers; their obstacles, their triumphs, and their downfalls.

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